OATI Announces Expansion of webSmartEnergy Technologies

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) unveils new portfolio of Smart Grid solutions during its 2013 Energy & Customer Conference.

Minneapolis, MN: October 10, 2013 – OATI is pleased to announce functional expansions and new modules for its webSmartEnergy suite of products, which were unveiled at the 2013 OATI Energy & Customer Conference this week. These solutions support the expanding Smart Grid business, and address the emerging industry requirements for Fast-DR and end-to-end integration of distribution and demand-side resources with bulk power system operations. The capabilities announced include:

  • Additions to OATI webDistribute functional capabilities to support supply of balancing energy and flexibility reserves from Demand Response and distributed energy resources;
  • OATI webDispatch, an economic dispatch optimization considering conventional generation, demand-side resources and renewable variable generation;
  • The launch of OATI webIntegrate, a toolbox of capabilities for secure integration of Smart Grid applications with utility enterprise systems and operations; and
  • The launch of OATI webDMS, a distribution grid Congestion Management and Conservation Voltage Reduction application utilizing innovative data analytic techniques.

“Demand Response and distributed energy resources are becoming an integral part of power system operation and offer great potential for improving economics and reliability of the grid operations, especially when faced with high levels of renewable variable generation,” said Ali Ipakchi, OATI VP of Smart Grid and Green Power. “The OATI webSmartEnergy product suite bridges the gap between retail and wholesale operations.”

The 2013 OATI Energy & Customer Conference was attended by more than 300 industry experts representing 80 different companies.  

OATI provides innovative software solutions that simplify, streamline, and empower the operational tasks required in today’s energy commerce and Smart Grid. With more than 1,200 customers in North America, OATI successfully deploys large, complicated, and diverse mission-critical applications committed to industry standards and stringent NERC CIP guidelines.

OATI ( is a leading provider of Smart Grid, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Transmission Scheduling, Congestion Management, and Market Management products and services. OATI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with an office in Redwood City, California. For more information, please contact