OATI and USA Microgrids Showcase Next-Generation Microgrid in Bloomington, MN to Large Distribution Coop

OATI and USA Microgrids were pleased to host the Association of Large Distribution Cooperatives (ALDC) at the OATI Microgrid Technology Center today as part of the ALDC’s annual Spring CEO meeting, showcasing its unique model of a functioning commercial microgrid. This microgrid combines advanced technologies such as Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CCHP), solar photovoltaic (PV) wind generation, and energy storage.
ALDC is on site to explore the future of affordable and reliable electricity for their customers. In the past, electric distribution cooperatives would not have considered a microgrid as a feasible business option. However, with decreasing technology costs, microgrids are now proving to be a smart option for businesses looking to cut costs while enhancing reliability.
USA Microgrids can aid companies in exploring ways to build, manage, and optimize their microgrids as a successful investment, and performs a wide variety of services to support microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). These services include feasibility studies, facility operations, asset optimization, maintenance, NOC operation services, and other aspects of managing generation assets. USA Microgrids understands how microgrids are designed, how they operate, and how they interact with the utility and markets.
“OATI and USA Microgrids are excited to show communities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial businesses that microgrids are not only a feasible option, but a necessary component to provide reliable and economic energy in the future,” said David Heim, Chief Strategy Officer for OATI and USA Microgrids.
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About USA Microgrids
USA Microgrids, an OATI company, addresses the needs of distribution cooperatives and utilities, Commercial and Industrial businesses, communities, and municipal emergency services looking for more reliable and resilient electricity supply by self-generating power. We leverage next-generation technology and deep staff experience, plus best-in-class providers of microgrid design services and equipment to offer a full microgrid development and operations platform.