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webSmartBid™ Webinar


Optimize your Generation and Load Assets and Streamline your ISO Bid-Offer Strategy

Today’s energy-generation merchants are challenged to strengthen energy and ancillary services and still reduce costs and bolster profits. OATI webSmartBid™ technology enables merchants to streamline the scheduling process and gain a critical edge by optimizing energy and ancillary bids and offers across the entire generation fleet with minimum cost and maximum profit.  

As the premier, energy bid-optimization solution, webSmartBid™ strengthens offers across multiple, real-time or day-ahead markets. It quickly imports forecasted, time-series data as input, performs vital complex analyses, and empowers energy merchants to quickly and easily select the optimal offer strategy for the market.  

Join OATI’s renowned energy and risk-management experts on Thursday, October 6, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. CPT to see how webSmartBid™ simplifies and optimizes every aspect of power-generation offer-scheduling strategy. During the webinar, our experts will demonstrate the solution, answer questions, and highlight its best features, such as:

  • Planning Real-Time and Day-Ahead Power Generation
  • Optimizing both Energy and Ancillary Services
  • Importing Essential Forecasted Data as Input
  • Performing Cost Minimization and Profit Maximization Analysis
  • Approving and Exporting the Optimized Solution to the ISOs

To secure your place in the webSmartBid™ webinar, register at the link below: