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OATI AMIoT Webinar


Next Generation AMIoT Transforms the Smaller Utility Industry

AMIoT, a concatenation of AMI with the internet of things (IoT), is the next generation AMI, breaking proprietary chains and making AMI affordable. AMIoT supports electric, water, and gas meter reading.

The AMIoT network architecture used to interface the AMI head-end with the field devices is based on a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) IoT radio frequency (RF) technology called LoRa (Long Range). Combined with the open protocol LoRaWAN, a LoRa network has a “Star-of-Stars” architecture utilizing inexpensive gateways to exchange data between the head-end and the end-devices.

In this webinar, Linda Stevens, Matt Kiesow and Steven Haslam of OATI will share information and educate participants on the LoRa technology stack to gain a perspective of what it is and its value proposition, namely, enabling small- to medium-size utilities to economically modernize their distribution grid metering.

They will also outline other benefits unique to AMIoT, such as:

  • The graphically appealing head-end with geospatial views, configurable dashboards, and expanded near real-time data visibility. This configurable UI is rich data with visual analytics tools providing for greater situational awareness of the service territory.
  • How electronic receiver transmitter (ERT)-based meters can be read by AMIoT to extend the life of existing meters and smooth out utility budgets.
  • How the network back haul, combined with the IoT platform, enables other non-meter reading purposes enabling other smart utility/smart city solutions. 
  • Compatibility of next-generation AMI solutions with evolving use cases, such as demand response, distributed energy resource management, distribution system visibility management, and other sensor types.
  • How a securely hosted solution in a Tier IV data center, built only for the energy industry, eliminates system maintenance and upgrade burdens on utility IT staff and protects critical data.
  • And lastly, Linda, Matt and Steven will discuss a few case study examples illustrating how others have deployed OATI’s AMIoT and the benefits thereof.

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