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Newsroom   OATI Microgrid Lights   Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

calcMar 05, 2019

We are going blue for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! For the second year in a row, OATI’s Microgrid Technology Center is one of many Minnesota buildings and landmarks shining blue to help raise awareness.

According to the Colon Cancer Coalition, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. However, many colon cancers can be prevented by early and regular screenings.

On Tuesday, March 05, and throughout the month, OATI’s Microgrid Lights will brighten up Bloomington with a blue ribbon display. OATI is proud to partner with organizations such as the Colon Cancer Coalition for the betterment of public health.

OATI Colon Cancer Awareness